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LP Gas Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What markets does LP Gas Insurance specialize in?
We specialize in insuring propane marketers and we offer complete insurance programs for the Propane and Petroleum industries.

What differentiates LP Gas insurance from it's competitors?
We offer various propane safety training programs, along with our large propane safety video lending library. To see what kind of propane safety training we offer please click here.

How do I know you are committed to my best interest?
At LP Gas Insurance we are committed to offering excellent propane insurance customer service by providing you with the most knowledgeable propane insurance professionals in the industry. Family owned and operated for three generations, we have over 90 combined years of experience serving in the propane and insurance industries. To learn more about our staff and their experience in the business of insuring propane marketers, please click here.

Do you have any associations in the propane industry?
LP Gas Insurance has association with Alabama Propane Gas Association, Florida Propane Gas Association, Georgia Propane Gas Association, Georgia Oilmen's Association, Kentucky Propane Gas Association, South Carolina Propane Gas Association, Tennessee Propane Gas Association and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA).

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